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Sweeter dreams
liquid laced

sun sparkles upon leaves
billowing in falls air

gazing through
the once washed panes

dreams edge fade
upon stark realties

lovers lost
a betrayal
Suns warmth regresses to frost

Stare upon the vacant white screen
Feeling naught
As I sip

Laugher through fingers slip
Dialling for relief
Cost delinquent
Assumed for further ignorance

Fighting fair
Sours all
Gladiators feast
To the victor
The spoils

Wasted dirt
Unscented soil

Leaves a barren ground
Haunted with ghosts that may have been

But intense passions flare
Drawing blood

The kiss of death
Falls upon the deity of faith

Can the fragrance of disintegration
lure the humming bird to dance again
with age upon the leaves

betrayal withers the scent
once so sweet

feeding freedom
life may be sweet

Editing stage: 


"the hummingbird to dance..."
life in its limbo bowing
the humility pulse
in a wavelengths desire

watching life roll like waves
in a flags unfurling crested
on its pillars and post

unrelentless the push of

with its beats
its scars marked deep
like rivers
and valleys
the open
in its spaces
like a breath
a pause
a sigh

live on

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