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Stillletto heels
and sandalwood musk
Tangle the dream catcher’s snare

Siren call
Penetrates unguarded
Drunken lies
Pouring through pity
Sweetening the dream

Silken hair binds the web
Whipping the lather
Frothing with want
Sinew bends

suffocating air
torched by passion
Gasps upon lips
wine soaked
and wanting

thrusts penetrate
the dawns break
to the window seat view

Editing stage: 


the tender ties undone
the ghosts slunk

I remember the smell of rain
of dusk...offshore dark runs
watching waves leaving the beach

unswept dance halls
where every promise
was started and broken

behing all the satisfied
and wide happy joys

and the weather shifts
arrogant and agressive
rush past their caress
to ride the shore of its
care and worth

marring like a soul

Intense! I enjoy your writing!

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