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Disperse the prism of reflection
Colours Crystallized refractions
Warping the silken pad

Pupa dreams
Only a delirium of fruition

Moth to flame

Left to languor
Upon the befogged

Wishes now musty
Mutations insoluble

Wings of shattered want
Flutter not
Nor float upon the breeze

Extinct heart
Dawns its reality
Eyes wide now unshut
No cocoon exists

Confined to heartbreak
And its dissipation

Flying high disrobed
Mating now forsaken

Editing stage: 


Your Chrysalis was a good read
though I would have loved the butterfly
to reach out for its freedom
amidst the ages of powdered wings
that reflect all the colours we need to see
yet in a short life such a pleasure to me..
I shall light a candle inside a gauze
so that the moth never gets burned,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

love your works...
can hear the typewriter...(our old remington rand)

we visited our loved ruins
black and whites
catching the large eyes

and now we are
in the turbulence of age

Our daughter on her own
migrating to a dream
a destination
keeping contact
and holding her own

Her crazy parents
flung to the edge
and yet

we too hold true
caught in the magnitude
of the beauty
the strength of the wingbeat

breath comes
light comes
sound comes

living comes
I miss you

your words the balm
my life ruffled
smooth the heat

author comment

and a universe ....
my new life
my new women..

keep writing...
I shall keep listening

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