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the throat circle
misconceptions form
strangled illusions
memories deformed

smoke lights a
cavalier kiss
slide seamlessly agonists
lips parched

others decry
the theory defunct
notice the difference
current lovers find disgrace

in the curtail of truth
soothing them
offers them sweet delusion

the filter eyes repeal
truth helpless descends

Editing stage: 


"Power and control"

how I learn this
lately strapped down and pain ridden
by professionals ready with elbows
and arms...the red straps on the gurney
my rage my anger screaming in a growl

a solioquay of resolution
a show
like a card with a face
while I struggle with the raw
depths inside that I fail to reach
without my sweet poisons
my connective obsessions
to dazzle me
to imbue me with
their soft velvet sweetness

and lead me down to the depths
of the labrynth

and the lead of Love
and hate
like a Hellion twist
like a leather tether
moulded soft to

the years fall away
like sunlight in the
broken foyer

full of the eyes of stars
and seasons rust
and that sedation
of the trystful
the wistful trust...

Thank You!

the cold steps and high def cameras.they laugh curse.feel..emote
wary of the new defense soldiers growing in the perimeter of the poisoned
city...still beautiful..she climbed Duga 3...fingerless black gloves with polish
a pleasant face...daring...where did that come from...someone I knew..
dreamt...some people believe themselves along the way and others
belie their gifts burdened burrowing into drifts.....memory is the hive of
the machine tuning to the hot muttering of radiation....
We never knew each other...loving instead only what our bodies craved
caving in like the ruins as we rushed the pressure...

the black and whites of the broken lake structure...the steamship waiting
room...your large sad eyes mischevious with our choice of mischief...
winter was our unbecoming ...a look back of late...

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