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Lines slide thin
What is needed
What is wanted

the avowal
warrants latitude
larceny excused

the steamed sheets
hot breath showers
raging insults
forgiving twilight whisperers

demons sheltered
small rests
decisions unrequited

soft pillow forgetfulness
morning tills a new furrow

curled hair, pleasant familiar scent

war kissed fevers

small lives
become heroic

Editing stage: 


writing intoxicates
the din
breaks open the cast
like a rough shin

freedom seeping in its gasp
stretched in its sweet painful

open the stars
and kick start the life
and lives
shattered on the beach
of creation
and extinction

damn you write well..

our lives before and now
are here..
transposed on its shimmery

wide screen breath
in and out

the focus fuzz tone
ringing through the white
noise of illumination
the tired dark
like a skin
and thin...

remember the pocket shelter
where treasures lay
and dreams be

that thin line of vision
and dreams
shinning like hope

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