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Life Goes On

And Life Goes On

What was that you said dear
Ask I as I lifted my head
There is a truck turned sideways
We are running dead ahead

The explosion and thud was all I heard
Pain searing through me
A scream was my final word

Sirens blaring coming near
A soft hand holding mine
Saying you’ll be alright dear

The acrid, acidic smell of a
Deployed air bag
Choking, I can’t breath
Something snapped in my chest
And so I barely remember the rest

A voice telling me to turn my knees
My body is trembling
As if in a deep freeze
Trussed and taped down
To a backboard
Was it then I began to pray to the Lord

Trauma room four
The triage nurse said
If it weren’t for your seat belt
Worse scenario is dead

The fear still lingers
I still breathe acrid air
Although I know it isn’t there

As life's traffic flows
Haulting or not for wounds to heal
The vehicle that's a memory
Still has a more finely tined engine
Idling on

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
Never had my eye surgery due to an auto accident. Lon is fine and I am healing My thanks to all that helped out on this. Roscoe I used your ending
Editing stage: 


My what an image this brought to my head. A free verse that speaks of every detail in such a way to bring your reader right into the vision of it all. I am so happy to hear you are both okay and yes wearing that seat belt most likely saved your lives. Glad you are both okay.

Blessings and missed reading you

I would like to give it a go soon as I get from under neath this pain this morning I will come back and is it on these lines you mention here the last four?

i liked this poem for the live imagery it creates....

you asked for suggestions to the about this

So life goes
One way or another
Wounds will heal
But not the scars within

much love..

raj (sublime_ocean)

good description of your accident. Short on time at the moment but you could try :
yet life go on
one way or another
the hardest healing wounds reside
within my memory........................stan

So life goes
One way or another
Wounds will heal
But the memory lingers on

For life goes on
one way or the other
wounds will heal
and the memories soon to fade

for life goes one
one way or another
woulds will heal
as memories linger

for life goes on
and wounds will heal
as the picture now fades
lingering still the memory

life will move on
one day and another
wounds will heal
as those memories still linger

Chrys I do not know if any of this is any bit better then what you have honey so twinkle in it till you get it how you like it. I will come back

Love Mona

Yes it makes for a great closure to the write and puts it all into perspective. I like it.

Chrys glad you are okay, your poem is very pwerful and holds the reader through all your experiences. I have attempted to write an ending and hope it will help. take it easy, Regards Roscoe..

As life's traffic flows halting,
or not for wounds to heal.
the vehicle that is memory
still has a more finely tuned
engine idling on..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

you could finally.... breathe...
had your engine tuned.....

than tined


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