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infinitesimal regrets

As infinitesimal leaves of my soul
cling to the page
as the blood of mine enemies
become magenta ink

I slowly unravel tragedies arms
farther than this soul piece
and far deeper than a mind
aggrandized by a liar

I've unmasked the bastard living
by my lifeblood and choking as
each word, moves toward death
and karmas final task

We met in the shadow of death and dawn,
savoring a last shared breath, tasting,
tomorrows that began and ended,
in that first gasp of light, But
before the next movement, was regret...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Not entirely sure what to make of this one, but it is intriguing enough to stand out and say, "Hey, Read Me!" You are ever-evolving as a poetess, and your craft is memorable, to say the least! I may have to re-read this several times to make my poor brain understand it better! LOL!!

This is quite a powerful piece for me. There's raw emotion throughout the poem within every word. Kudos, angel.

i spit on the nerve of scums
who dare to dictate my life
when their own life are in shambles
dying without the will to strive
while hope slips away unnoticed
like the many chances they ignored
i wish their prattle will cease
but they won't, so I walked out of the door
and if they still don't get the hint
I don't care anymore...


I'm in agreement with Lonnie and Alid on this one. The poem is deep ( of a personal nature I suspect ). The words you use are powerful and descriptive - but to get the full import of this poem I'm goin to have to reread it and ponder! So I'll be back ( as Arnie says - lol ).

Remember no fallin on your ass!

Love Mand xxxx

Just turn and walk away, it will be hard but as your legs improve so the distance from those bad dreams will increase.
Just use your think to see the door held open for you, there on the other side is the now, all those yesterdays, will fade.
If there is anything you need, just ask with the think, the children will show you the way, just believe in all the things you are.
The feelings you have are as a sun they give life to all things around you, now just use some of that energy for you, to hell with anyone that wants to hide your light.
In writing and belonging to the ether places here, the things in life and the reaction to many things sometimes makes me very sad but with you now there is a broad smile and a future, this poem shows that the perspective is strong and you are moving on.
Take care out there, it's late I have to go, Night or is it
"Good Morning Australia,"
Yours as always Ian x

infinitesimal denoted "one over infinity" in area calculations. x

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Might help if you have a mental picture of a door you can slam shut on their faces. That's one of the ways I deal with the likes of them, hun. Don't let them get to you. Its unhealthy. Some people just ain't worth it.


live well, live happy

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