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The Charlatan

Imagine if one day a mountebank shows up
Carrying a rather conspicuous portmanteau
He decides to set up shop in the square
Wearing a smile and some knick-knacks too
He amazes the crowds with his wild tales
Of adventure and travels to far off places
He says he a captain of a ship with black sails
And the crowd laps it up with awe-struck faces

As the day passes by and the gathering dwindles
And the stranger's yarn is off the spindles
One child remained fixated with his strange box
A curious luggage with the image of an ox
"O great captain what holds this chest"
The child bellowed as the sun drowned west
"Why my dear lil child come hither and see
What hide's in my bag is a vision to behold
From the farthest coast of the biggest sea
I carry a secret for you to unfold"

The moon was covered in thick dark clouds
The night was wrapped in jet black shrouds
The child knew a stranger should not be trusted
But curiosity had got her senses encrusted
With cautious steps she approached the bag
And struggled to contain the the fear she had
If only she knew what was in store
The child would have not feared any more

*a picture of a child's b'day card*

The clouds had parted and the moon smiled bright
The child was ecstatic when she saw the sight
She couldn't believe what dwelled in the chest
And beamed as joy replaced her unrest
The stranger was in tears but his heart reveled
When the long held secret was finally unveiled

How do u know O strange Sir
Today's my day of birth
Did Mama come in your dream too
When you slumbered upon your berth
And is it rain that's wets your eyes
Or do you also cry today
I also weep but not from eyes
Haven't a kerchief to wipe away

"Here, have mine", the stranger said
The child accepted, she now felt no dread
Listen well and pay attention , to what I have to say
Today I have to put an end, to my tale of dismay

It was a savage stormy night, the winds made trees askew
The midwife's carriage was on its way but so my child were you
Your mother writhed in much pain for more hours than a few
Though the heavens soon parted and a stork had brought us you
But your mother had departed, without even looking at you
It felt like all blood left my heart without even bidding adieu

Many moons ago when this calamity took place
My mind was at a loss, my heart lost its pace
I wish I had once laid, my eyes upon you first
Maybe it would have helped, pulling your mother's hearse

The child began to realise
This stranger was her kin
She had already summarised
She wasn't an orphan

Your Mama does visit me too
From the ether when I sleep
Her body has been laid to rest
But her torment still runs deep
When I lost her I lost myself
And I know she can't be found
But I hope to atleast find myself
If you will have me around

The girl whose name we shall not know was silent for a child
She had a lot to think about and it would take a while
Both father daughter stood alone in the evening's dimming light
No passersby on the town square was aware of their plight
A sob escaped and her heart raced as she hugged her father tight
Dad's burden was lifted that day, Mom's soul had taken flight

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
Wrote this for my mentor/sister's b'day - sent it to her in a much more dramatic way - with images etc - and over a span of a couple of days :) it was well received there - hpimg that it meets a similar fate here
Editing stage: 


i cants quite figure out how to laud this poem, the composition , the rhythm, the morphology of words are awesome, them the meaning is pure genius. look forward to more of your works. indeed you are a great poet

I sincerely appreciate your kind words :)

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