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Blog entryThe Arabian Treasures (2) Rula31 month 3 weeks ago
poemCOUNTING SPRINGS scribbler144 months 1 week ago
poemTHERE WAS NO BEFORE scribbler134 months 1 week ago
poemWHERE FENCES ARE BUT MEMORIES scribbler185 months 1 week ago
poemPOEMS' PYRE scribbler235 months 2 weeks ago
poemLeft Alone... Geezer187 months 3 weeks ago
poemmy offer kowque78 months 1 week ago
poemYou -the diamond Jenifer James81 year 3 weeks ago
IdeaYour own Workspace on Neopoet weirdelf321 year 1 month ago
poemZOMBIE POeT scribbler151 year 4 months ago
poemproportions of a wo/man charmed by a snake Seren81 year 5 months ago
Site NewsNeopoet Archive andrew131 year 6 months ago
poemA POEM FOR CHRISTMAS EVE scribbler531 year 6 months ago
Blog entrytimelessness of time...Old poetic blog then permitted upgraded only loved351 year 7 months ago
Blog entry"Students need fine poetry" please read scribbler131 year 11 months ago
poemwhen all alone loved131 year 12 months ago
poem"VIRGIN" WOODS scribbler232 years 1 month ago
poemDAWN OF THE NEW YEAR scribbler182 years 1 month ago
poemwhere eternity and infinity meet loved92 years 4 months ago
poemWHIFFS OF MEMORY scribbler122 years 4 months ago
poem PECANS scribbler172 years 4 months ago
poemGRANDMA'S ROCKING CHAIR scribbler122 years 4 months ago
poemGrief In Brief (ONE MUST READ POEM lovedly172 years 5 months ago
poemA maestro is born...Reviewed kind courtesy expert poets loved612 years 7 months ago
poemfading away lovedly122 years 8 months ago
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