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Who's To Blame For The End of Her World

when the world started to crumble
i had already bought the necessary insurance.
but i soon learned that
when the persons responsible
were indistinguishable from me,
insurance wouldn't fix some things.
even if i was only trying to fix things myself.
some instinct left over from when
worrying about the end of the world was needed
was still left inside me
and i don't know why he didn't have that instinct, too.
small pieces had always been falling away
but once the orbit changed, everything seemed okay.
there was a new routine,
a kind of balance,
and it looked okay from this side of the universe.
the inside is what fell apart.
the outside was repaired,
and as far as i knew,
there were no more blades dug across the surface
i suppose i was wrong.
it turns out there was a single string wrapped around her planet
holding it all together
and he held it in his hands.
he cut the cord.
and her world came crashing down.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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slowly but surely, I think. as long as we're moving along in the right direction everything will be alright.

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