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For Niamh, A Stranger

you, irish girl, i will never see you again
but of course i remembered you then.
brown hair and light eyes,
you should know that i never remember
the color of people’s eyes.
you are tall and beautiful and spelled my sister’s name
and swayed my entire body with that breathtaking voice
an enchantress, i was bound,
my heart fluttered.
you shouldn’t have had to change your name
because they couldn’t say it
because they don’t know that it means “bright.”

in my mind i begged you to keep talking
but this mountain is far from your home
and it was the end of the day.
but every time i punch in, and every time i clock out
of course.
i will remember you.

Last few words: 
she really was beautiful
Editing stage: 


Not just the face....
Ive been about long enough to see people that roughly .closely
look like others....but a large distinction..
ex.....I wandered lonely as a cloud..was a great poem can re-emote this
I wandred lonely as a clod...etc...

everyone remembers the one meeting
half away
gasing up..
putting in the money in the subway
box...and you see
or you talk
for a moment
hear a song...
and you are like...


Is it the beauties to always conquer our worlds
and give us lines...No
I live with two..and more in the past
lucky me!

more like a roady of life..

but in quick passing....there are some
whom are beautiful
undeniably so....mind lines

they...the fast thinkers know their prow
their point opening lines
ive met them...
and I myself have been groomed

they are beautiful

so of course any poem in Ode to muses
I enjoy greatly!!!!
I can relate too!

any writer writing honestly to what they
find inspires them I like
and comment on
because...sometimes we just
enjoy what we find along the way
I know I do
I make no bones about where my
writing comes from..
I do not live in a vacume

nor should any man beast or woman
that can craft works!!


be creatively driven!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

i was ten minutes late to lunch because i was talking to a group of irish girls. i swear man, it's that accent, it's my true weakness. thanks for the read!


author comment

I love the Irish accent too
I also enjoyed this
Thanks for sharing
Love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

and oh so exotic :P thanks for stopping by judy, always great to hear from you :)



author comment
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