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"for you"

a message.
old, and cheesy,
and I hate myself for it.
because I pride myself in promises
I will always come through and yet I didn't.
leaving was never on my mind
but when you are consumed by another
it is hard to see the world disappear around you.
never has my heart ached more
and never have I needed to make you see so badly
that you are the best thing;
you are warmth and you are happiness,
you are sunshine, still, and for the life of me
I cannot figure out how I lived without it.
in my mind I loved you still, in theory we were perfect
in practice I failed.
in practice, I practiced nothing.
I would make you promise you would always check the sky
because I always will be, too
and I will be looking back down from the very same stars.
you and I boo, we are eternal in constellations
constant in galaxies, and if you need it
gravity will never touch you.
you are suspended in my arms and in my heart,
always there. I will be persistent.
and now I would brave even stage makeup
nail polish and shopping,
just to prove to you my love
and that we will never fall out of orbit.
that I will never leave you
ever again.

Last few words: 
there is so much sadness and so much shame
Editing stage: 


This is a sad write in that you cannot let go, out there as I use to say are villages where you can find at least one person that would deserve your love and attention.
Then there are towns out there where there are many people that could be the same, now come on there are cities out there that teem with like minded people, no-one is unique except in the level of their Spirit.
A shame is always two sided, the one that caused it, and the one that suffers it, there is no single shame, each of us at some time retains things that are shameful but we go about our journey knowing that it is a great lesson learnt.
Go well young Lady, it really is a gift that we can live and be on this Earth plain and have physical feelings, later you may understand this, but at the moment you are too close to yesterday, Yours as always Ian xx

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

how we adorn what may have been wanted..
a way to still here.
come and play can love me.
like writers...artists and painters..
van goghs ear.fredas foot..
oh dear...

try and try again...loves terrible scurvy
but this poem describes that pain
ache and pang of
losing ones ideal

ideal ghost...
tid bits
and memories

as least there is something

poetry here
dedication to a love

that says a lot!
thank you


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