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Ode To A Chip

It makes me salivate
those golden
on a plate

like golden embers
basted pleasure

tasty treats
sticks of
fatty dynamite

crunch crunch
scoff scoff
the pig persona
plays a
Bacchanalian lunch

A chip! A chip!
My round plate
For a Chip!

Editing stage: 


If so why does it not occur in the last stanzas of this frivolous write?

" a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!"


I'd got enough devices in there to stand out..It's it can do what it likes.....and frankly, was too busy eating the chips! :)))

author comment

with my interjection to frenchf. And so embarrasing if I'm wrong!

a fun piece, who doesn't like chips,. I'm american, we call them "french fries".... .........shortened these days to just "fries"

why bother to just happens, it was fun. enough said

Al alludes to Henry V...there are days when i'd give my worldly possessions up for some comfort hip-hugging chips (fries)!

Ells :)

author comment

Don't care what the rhyming is like first or last, an ode to the mighty Chip, other people throughout the world may call them by other names but they will still be as beautiful to me, a chip off the old block La La..
Yours Sparrow..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

The beautiful but humble comfort food...The Chip...mmmmmm

Ells :))

author comment
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