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My 4th of July 2020

Strapped to a chair,
Trapped by my own mind,
Looking at the open entryway
With demons dancing in my head
Feeding my mind with bitter thoughts.
The outside comes to my window,
All is vivid and near but can't be touched
It's so lonely, so dreadful,so frightful
In my room, my isolation.

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you are describing someone in a nursing home or somebody with a compromised immune system.
My mother is in a nursing home and she isn't allowed visitors, so my sisters go around to her window and stand outside and wave to her and talk to her through the screen. They bring the grandkids and everybody wears masks. But, she is longing for closer contact and the ability to go out in the courtyard to get some sun. It is really hard on her. So, I know what you are talking about. You have captured the anxiety and dreadful depression of this whole thing. Nice job, no crits. ~ Geezer.

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I agree with Geezer,or it ay be self isolation from the world around you either way nice work

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