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Visions of Love

Killin’ time, sippin’ a beer
At a boardwalk bar by the sea
The jukebox playin’ visions of love
My mind drifts away to a girl on the beach
Swayin' to the sound of the waves
A glow on your face as bright as the sun
The wind in your hair, pink ribbons in hands

I couldn’t help but stare
I caught your glance, you smiled and said hi
You did your best to put a guy at ease
With arms stretched wide, letting me in
The touch of your hand calms the storm within
I see it in your eyes and feel it from your heart
Love was all around me

You make it so easy the way you love me
Unconditional, Unconditionally
You love me unconditionally

We set sail together out upon the waters
Adrift in the shallows of a turning tide
Thunderous clouds burst into the stormy sky
Awakening the monsters of the deep sea
Feeding my mind with evil thoughts
Take away this curse of shameful infidelities
Take me away from this life I’m in

You let loose the sails from your heart
So your inner glow could light the way
Into the wonders of the mystic
The echoing sounds of the waves
Flow over, into, and through me
Shedding my sins into the depths of the sea
Suddenly, life has new meaning to me
A rainbow appears on the horizon
And that girl

My vision of an angel sent from heaven
Gone but will always live in my soul
You made it so easy the way you loved me
Unconditional, Unconditionally
You loved me unconditionally

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A classic poem in the making. A stimulated love that intoxicates...This poet would want a repetition of her encounter with this elegant woman although there was a timeout in the scene.
The devices employed very sturdy and they make it speak loud in the poem.

"Poetic license
the poets
the free will to
embroider a good tale
and deviate from the established rules of language"~Jackweb

Thanks Jackweb for the read and comments !!
I have put the poem to music ----

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