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saturation ghost
there are flicker visions
resting in neon

pallid like a shelter of dust
viscosity of being

I am hungry
and finding the trail
and lingering

starvation meaning
in its dream

tall on its legs
limber on the frame

backlit and steady
you lead me
beneath the eclipse of
flaming and caustic

words of caution
like the flare in a votive

we step together
into the territory

further and further

Editing stage: 


upon quantum physic realm
before after
front no behind
house of mirror smoked glass
tall thin round short
nothing as it seems

But we were immortal, we were not there,
Washed up on the beaches, struggling for air.
Ian Curtis

words of caution
like the flare in a votive

blesses me thank you for your poem

the heart leaps on

i remain waiting
knowing the fools rush that was

but when she arrives
asks about my day
steps into my room
with an extra two qaurters
for coffee...the light from
the living room window
shinning on her raven dark
hair swept aside sixties style
there was no blame

lost in madness
now lost in love.........

author comment

sexicity tis
we all can imagine
how difficult tis
to resist the dark raven black hair
strewn all about
then there remains no further invitation
without a doubt
you are marvellus
many will wonder
what you must have been
when youthful
as you perhaps are still
not still
roving discerning eyes
do kill
when tis
the till
with free will


error..had to move poem to mainline from comment...left title here...only second
time in years doing this...

author comment
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