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ghost dog asks
scratch in
scratch out
the meth is dry
Time drips
flagellant taps
daddy nods his
little naps
itch the belly
turn the telly
dont listen to they
whispering wishs
dirty glass
unplug this serpent
trim his crass
but his hisses drawl
lizard king crawl

night is fire raining
drums like thunder
welcome junk

flyers preaching
beckoning free
mad birds clapping
set them free


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pretend like I understood every little detail but it reads like a memory for me.
I thought the last few words (lines) are specifically awesome.
Thanks for sharing your art.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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precious little moments
north americans had a period of
culture...nothing settled..halcyon
still the lah lah land of comforts
are a far cry from many
yet..the staid moments shake us
when inevitable chance occurs
When it happens to us face to face

this is a dogs breakfest of a poem
'scratch in..scratch out'
i think I hear my dogs nails on the floor
above...or window...would not scratch was extremely bright
humans less so...but we got trained
to what she needed
the broker of deal was wether we responded
which we did....all of us fell into the routine of
life..routine of trail..till she got sick and passed..
from outside influence or interior
we will never know....nothing is perfect
and even less so in imperfect worlds
where power is distorted and one wants to
just live...and try to find joys in things like acceptance through

gain as in power..feed..flux..conduit with
knowledge ..reaction...expression

the meth is dry
could be a drug reference
many use an escapist form
if so wealthy or inducted to the world
of trust trade no matter where
wealthy to squalor to imprisoned
or indifferent...the choice is there
or it could be..The Method is dry
meaning an expression
the sadness was dry...
could be a reflection on my lack of
I like to keep all at a business level
which in times of stress works
the focus on the task at hand
often gets people who are exceptionally
viewed as ruthless if not practical to
accomplish much
methamphetamines are pretty brutal
but no more then starving oneself
to feel or lack of it
alcoholism or extremism
in this case its more a wording

time drips..a Daliesque approach

but oddly enough water was used
to keep time...many asian cultures
long established used water to measure
liquid dynamics in physic sense and
metaphorical use I love
the heart is a river...its pulse like
a movement....

flagellant taps
vibratto...our pattern recognition
picks it up as a kick of adrenalin
again..heart beat tempo.the
buzz of a rattlesnakes rattle
a war cry of tribesmen

in this case it was my dogs tail
as she stretched before sleep
the tremolus muscle reaction
like humans have...that shiver
pre cursor to the release
and relax...the shake before
the snooze..the drumming

galvanic response in humans
that shiver....stress release
signal and tell
relief ..

daddy was masculine use
self head
nods...little naps...
drug reference
again meth was word use
i have no idea..never been
on meth or heroin..too expensive
just throwing it in there...
sleep deprevation one has naps
a lot...
itch the belly...hives are a result
of drug interaction...and onset
of mild alcohol poisoning
and the tactile response before
naps..the yawn..the scratch
then slumber

turn the telly...attention to the
many of my associates control
their schizophrenia with pharmacuticals
from the companies..not illicit
they do experience delusions illusions
prompted from the television
the aural link and cognizance formed
has been recognized in this illness
thus..pull the plug...screen is dirty
televisions left on collect electromagnetically
airborne pull the plug
trim his crass....a lot of times the voices
many hear from television in sickness
are more then crass
beyond this im guessing..
if the television is unplugged I dont know
if they hear anything more
people with visions have a different take
the human mind is very vast still
and only the faintest of undertakings
has truly come to have knowledge of
what we little have gleaned

hisses drawl...heard someone talk
with a speech impediment
it does not make them more or less
but its unique and interesting
and goes with the serpent theme
television black cord...input cables
they are slinking and full of their sway
of information like a serpent

lizard king crawl....DOORS reference
they had a song with reference
crawling king snake
morrison moved about much and was
out in the west for a time
as a child

i like i just threw that in

night is fire....raining blunt

rain can be frightening as a kid
we never had floods or worries
tornadoes like this..but the storms
were something..
drums like thunder
welcome junk

the thunder may come in storms
and may not..
after awhile the fear throws in the
random thoughts which are like
junk flyers.salesman
pamphlets when the guard
the wreckage of the mind
hanging onto something
in all that drowning noise
if one can hear
but even the vibrations of
the impact of something
more powerful then mere
mortal is enough to make
the shy tremble..

flyers preaching....
i hang about the walmart
or mall tower court entrance
the birds sail about and on
windy pre storm days the
paper sales flyers do too
they are alarming coming
suddenly to life with a wind
flipping past one on a blind
side...and often Im there
exhausted...sleep deprevation
a bit easy to startle
so the flyers preaching sales
of which I can never hope to
assimilate into my life with
such lack of funds are free
things....the madness of
notion culmination in the birds
love to hang out for scraps of
food when they can be free
of the capitalist magnetism
..yet..closely aligned with man
the sea birds especially have
formed the bond with humans
eagles would never be at that

its daytime..but could be nightime
rain is mentioned so seeing stars
fall could be possible
its more metaphoric of the creative
people and leaders
the ones we look up too vaulted
enough to admire
and no human is god so they

not sure about the set free
before the fall...
star thing
except its a mythical
deal..the release of doves
butterflies...a signal
not tacked that
on the ending

it does tie into the new muse
i have though
another poem
another comment

pretty damned great Rula
i rarely write out the schematics
of any of these writes
as close too creative lineage
but I do admire your poetry
and person a lot

so there you have it


author comment
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