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i cannot begin to unravel the deceit
about her
like an air
brooding and resilent
I say that yes for I would wash
my hands of the element that
surrounds her like craggy airs
She stretches..her flat pale
stomach flawless
the benefit of youth
her hips bones like the
jug handles of oil shipped
on a greek sailing vessel
Long neck....strong jaw
large brilliant eyes
a blue like the coastal clay
but the iris
the large breadth of its
dot soaking in your soul
I swear she never sleeps
I was watching her once
studying her bones..
the look....danish....finnish
russia...swear she waited
just flipped her lids opened
didnt smile..didnt swear
and watched me till i
walked to my sleeping
bed in the loft
large open area where
she does her work
my studio portion
the drop in for the twins
breaking down whatever
haul or project...
my only endearment from
her.....when she is drowsy
like the oracles
dont even know who
or what 'shatterhorn'
when she calls me this
I know the bias of its

the parachute silk bed
curtian she likes
like a snow cave

'wary be those whom enter
but I couldn't put the sign
she found it
she finds everything
we hung it up in the

my winne
as if
i could call her
that to her face
she would trim
my beard with
that butterfly knife


Editing stage: 


..when she is drowsy
like the oracles
dont even know who
or what 'shatterhorn'

I love that stanza. Very mystical and directly mystical. I like the style of your poems.

nothing urbane
drop into the action
Karl May is the writer
most europeans know of him
Shatterhorn was his sidekick
Winnetou the lead character
think apache american mid west
but May fabricated but the lure
and lore of his writings were mythical

the writings descriptors are not run
in formal format
as eg
'she was a hard boiled egg from the edge
of town...the kind of pretty young thing
that could stare down the dealer with a
poor hand...but you knew she hedged
her knew she owned lady luck!'

instead its just fractured elements

but the characters are taken from my experience
with women...all of them dynamic and strong
and striking
like my dogs...all intelligent breeds designed to
protect guard or work...non hunting activities
no fetch dogs....all business
like my women..

six one...two with good shoes with heels
but with my hair...large mixed breed face
people read me at six four
i speak quiet but when i need to be heard
the slow careful articulation
tell it like it is comes forth
and people listen

but the women found endearments for me little things
like my men chums...
pack up for jobs...runs...duties...errands
mostly i just roam about alone
keep it open that way...independent
but put anyone at my side
and like anything it becomes something
and always the suprises
i know many
of all classes..levels
for a year straight free coffees
walk in in the morning...clerk
who ran the joint waved me
through...although i offered
my change....straight just
stood in one said
a word...I liken it to be being
saluted in country...
everyone knows anyway who
is who but i liken it a much better
business approach to be as
ordinary...i like my roses with
their thorns...keeps it real

thank you for the respect in accordance
to the appreciative style of my work

Mr Wolf!

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