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beneath its burdensome adventure
rolling far above
my shoes kiss the smile
in its dark lair pocket
of glistening gulps
broken shards
sizzling like a cold fire
these lights
thesis of mirth
exposing a fang
for throats
Let me taste the
fury of this gloat
gushing in its
creek bed wilds
latent brush
corpulent need

I spoke of the Hurt
this ache
leaning face to face
one more width
against the soft
of saddened lips
pulling gravity
hip to hip

your ghost is
chilled with
violet iris
fingers terse
sought buttonholes
like windows
night birds against
the cage
of heart
into these ruins
return to dark


Editing stage: 


To me, this poem pours with sensuality.
I caught somewhere on a thread you have a new muse, you can tell. Your poetry has a passion in it at the moment, that leaves me in awe.
For one brief glorious moment, I had your poem before me and I was part of it, I was immersed in it, then my bloody husband walked in with a cup of tea and started wittering about cars. Shit, I lost my space, my bubble burst and just now, I can't get back there. He doesn't understand why I was a little terse and has gone off in a huff.
This is one very clever write, imagery superb and I will return to let it seep into me again.

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or modern...friends had a sixty nine maserati
aluminum body..wire spoke knock offs
sold it to a doctor here in North Bay but I have
never seen it in any of the shows..
prolli in his basement man cave
leather interior....she was a beauty

oh yes....the poem

this one is almost a carbon reprint of one
i wrote back in 2014 December
why I posted them simultaneous
was looking corpulant...a non word
and on my search engine it brought
up the old neopoet poem
so regardless of promotion or not
on search engines all things do appear
I should just take my marker and write about town
everyone relates to the stickers and
tags stuck about on the urban paths

yes....a new muse...Athena...a remarkable
name...someone in their twenties
the sadness etched in and a sunny smile
like an English day...she looks UK or
european ...The Girl with the Pearls
she has that look and stature
a classic auld painting
for whatever reason she and I relate
at a gathering often
and speaks to me of the hurt
I remind her of a boyfriend passed
'tall and lanky'
thus the introduction for the sitting
next to each other...checking in
she looks me in the eyes holds the
moment and asks how I am doing
I know about the hurt....feelings..
joy...anguish....being rather much
preferring business and offset
like Willard my favorite character
in Apocalypse Now...

former muse kept me in touch with
the human side as does this new
comely if God sends his
angels which I believe

there are the moments of atmospheric crowd...the rain..
the suns warmth..the summer lake wave
strangely enough I tend to Love the women
who are shit kickers....seargents alah captians
in the old boys world....
i have recently adapted into the old boy club
because I need the company
contacts and expansion of such

but...the ladies.....

I do adore them....Stone Roses...I wanna be adored
great song...Raveonettes..Lust

in person i am rather crude and rough about the edges
for the most...But I was groomed...I many times had
to don the gear for meetings....interchanges on the way
sport T's....Rockport Deck shoes....Bulova Marine Star
arm bling....the old business

intelligence combined with the beauty of a wild rose
complete with stoney rooted terra firma
but what exotic tenderness there is in its
fragrance and petals minute detailing...
'who's painting my roses red!!'
the queens of heart

I am a very passionate man
and sensual when I slow
the details and tempo of language
like a dance is the nourishment
and meal of memory and excursion
the magic acts

thank u for the comment

Mr Wolf!

author comment

my OH, rebuilds classic motorbikes and restores clasic cars. The bikes are usually Triumph, some as far back as the 50s. He rides a Bonneville '69 and a BSA 1960 Super Rocket, but works on others for sale and stuff. Classic car wise, he's currently working on a '67 mk 4 Austin Healey Sprite. It's a rally car and has done the Lands End to John O'Groats Rally, which in Uk is literally from top to bottom. He lives, sleeps and breathes his motors, I just hold spanners and make cups of tea. Well I have to have some use in life............. grin.
You two, would I think, get on like a house on fire.

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

the mid size bikes for the lanes and straightaways
the car nimble and low slung incredible sport!
all those older machines are tailored by engineers
to be worked on..tinkered with
incredible tolerances like a piano
why whats wrong with an adjustable wrench
'to hades with you sir'
ha ha

when I was woodstove installer and chimney sweep
with the one ton lorry van in our basement storage
was the dissasembled 650 Norton Commando
the boss was working on with another genius
of bikes...That friend I got to know well
I would stay over and in morning he would put
on the Isle of Man Race on full volume
I helped him polish the 1975 Ducati he owned
in perfect shape...later we worked on his
1967? volkswagen ghia..
Yes I would get along with your better half

thank U Jayne!

Mr Esker!

author comment

economy of space and metal..
and there are the dual carboratuars
watched another on a track racing a
porche the sound of the
little car!

author comment

He says to tell you it's a full race tuned engine. Basically a Mini Cooper 's' engine. She's also driven to Le Mans before we had her.
I can tell you she's a mid blue and I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel. Jx

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

rode in that one...stock with some minor shoppe tweaking she would hit ninety miles an hour
on the flats no problem...burn rubber....her little rear tyres shedding smoke as she bit into
the the dials in those......(just a test...see who knows their minis..there is an
untruth in the writing!!) I imagined the Healey was not the family run about! the good Le Mans
Mid Blue....popular color! Dont forget your Nomex underwear and kid glove leathers!

mr W

author comment

Front wheel drive.
Apparently our Healey is rear wheel drive - same engine BMC A series.
I'm laughing my socks off here, haven't a clue what you two are on about. Jxx

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

Isn't Le Mans Blue, its original Healey Iris Blue with a light weight white hard top. Those are its racing colours. Traditionally though Brits raced in British Racing Green at Le Mans. Jx

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

presently this poem is a little "deep" for me, but I can appreciate its wonderful imagery and bitter-sweet feeling of a deep heartache. I must come back for another read.

thank U for your comment Ali
right down to the correct form and punctuation!

Mr Wolf!

author comment

For me, that in itself is a very stunning poem. Starting with Your ghost..
The more I read that over and over, the less I find I need the rest.

For me has an eerie surrealism that resonates. In the first stanza I get too focused on the shoe image, in the second i am unsure of where the Hurt comes from...

But the third is charged with poetic anarchy and somehow I feel it, like a dream.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

ode to the societal hierarchy
black Biltrites today
leather soles
slippery as hell...
i remember when i was in my poor
era...duct tape and the rain cold
would soak into my feet
it was not a pleasant feeling

I spoke of the Hurt
a younger woman has taken
me on as her sage...
just sits turns with the most
utter sadness...asked me
about losing my closest dog
ever I have had....
I told her
'it hurts' and a tear trickled
down her beautiful face
the meeting started
and she quietly sobbed letting
it one molly coddled
her...shushed her tears..
not my friend beside her
at the table..nor I leaning
back in my chair shouldering
my pain

but it was raining when I had
to carry my sick dog home
couldnt make it for the last
walk...but she went out at
least....cradled her in my arms
tears behind my shades
anger..shame for not loving
her more...taking her for
walks in the poor weather

and then...not to replace
i have a new younger dog
a beautiful female boxer
who needed a home
needed the love she knew
(owners worked away..wife
is aging..) she lays beside
my like my former puppy..
all this went on less then a
the puddles and reflection of
sky I loved when all were healthy
i would step in...
now they remind me of how busy
I myself was...forgoing walks
not stepping in puddles

my new puppy like my new female
muse of the same name Athena
with her head in her paws cries
quietly at my side
be it we abandon life we so wish
to hold onto to be with the ones
we love adore
or knowing we have shifted
in the abandonment and or
rejection of the interior sadness
that wrenches at the floodgates
of loss
my own tears and memory of
that rainy walk
the young woman who shares
with me her pain..
or my new loved puppy who
needed a home but is crying
for her family right now
as I write

all the ghosts we love
i went out this evening
there are a few puddles
left from last nights storm
I slept through
but I carefully avoided them
its a window to the above
but I looked
I felt hope

thank U for your time to


author comment

I only had one dog, who lived 19 years. The last days were so hard, I couldn't get another..
Good for you! Enjoy your new relationship!

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

friend of mine I met on the downtown roll has six
My woman misses the company
she has 'lost' many dogs
grieved for every last one like her people
I kept to myself for years
three dogs....and two were just sort of
adopted to me....for my time on the lands I
was staying on..
all beautiful original breeds
headstrong captains of the dog world
I am grieving my just recent loss
7th of May...
we got on the blower and found a doggy
that needed a new home
her owners worked away
as I mentioned
Today her first day here
shes settling in...sad for
her family..another dog and cat
and owners..
slept with my woman and I
during the night
and took her for walk today
on same run route with
former dog..
similar coat..color and markings
just different breed
We even went out all of us together
for little walk
a rare rare event

beautiful weather today...clouds..
mixed with sun...a breeze.....heat
probably will storm later maybe
because all dogs like new loves
and people are different
with eachs own character
the shift is not so hard
not to replace a memory
it only strengthens the
time before
seeing the worth and value
in both what is past
and the future and the
accompanying Now

it is a beneficial togetherness

Sorry for your loss

Mr Esker!

author comment
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