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Jogging among the sun

Rising with the sun
racing with its rays,
basking in the beauty
of Earth's pleasant days.
The morning coolness to take you in
drape you in its humid friend.

Feeling the trickling beads as you progress,
with each sprint you keep a step ahead.
Drippings of morning welcoming you,
gentle reminders of rain mixed with dew.

To rise with the sun is to rediscover.
Remember the beauty within.
To race with its rays and grow as well.
Fading away darkness,
renuining the world's light.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Not one of my best, or close at all, but after my morning jog I wrote this. Thought I would share.
Editing stage: 


A poem of morning
of celebrating life and
of working to strive to be in a healthy

My Lori Her daughter lives with us
and she took me on Jogs in the evening
(she likes to sleep in in the mornings!)

we spoiled her and bought her expensive
running shoes which she still have
and uses and she makes me stretch
and we run quite a few kilometers now
and then

Her young man and her do street biking
and running now and then BUT I remember
how it was

I have a female tech from my work taking me
on mountian bike rides lately
shes hardcore but nice and urges me
rather then telling me to keep up

I dont think Ive read a poem ever before dedicated
to the mornings
like this

exceptional detailing and good flow to this poem

I have said this before but I believe you do have a
natural voice for poetry and I hope to see more
of your writing gift!

This is a personal and warm expression
poem about morning rituals

Thank You!

Genuine, honest, fresh and clear. Just like a morning jog (or so they tell me, the closest I ever came was a morning sprint from the cops)

renewing the world's light. [spelling?]
Oh and the title should be
"Jogging Amongst The Sun"

Glad to see you writing more, please don't neglect this genuine talent.

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