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Gods greasy spoon.

I wonder if there are canteens in Heaven?
with cottage cheese thats quite appealing
hob nob biscuits and darjeeling -- yeah;

Wonder if there are canteens-
in heaven?

Perhaps seraphim that are lithe and thin
whip up yoghurt for the newly in! --yeah;

I wonder if there are canteens-
in heaven ?

Maybe beans on toast or a sunday roast
is served by God the holy ghost
and his only son is the one-

who pours the gravy !!


I wonder if there are canteens -
in Heaven?


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I can see this being performed by you on stage -- such a great cadence and rhythm to it. Declarative flair!


you missed dinner again! LoL I'm sure that the kitchen is always open in Heaven! I like the way that the refrain takes one back to wondering if religion is full-filling. Heh! Get it? ~ Geez.

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