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a feather dances lightly
to the music of the wind
and our mind is lifted ,
by its journey’s end
death’s euphoria floods
our soul with promises
of home and we acquiesce

Editing stage: 


As I was reading your poem it had occurred to me true love of poetry.
I was taken a back a bit by the deep aura of the poem.
There is a great mystery quality hidden beneath the lines.
It made me think of Norman Vincent Peale, "What the mind perceives this it can achieve".
Great work & look forward to reading more of your poems,
Mario Vitale

Mario Vitale

thank U Joe!
Mr Steven!

purely true poetry
coming from the quill
of poet
all must know
who is Joe!

great imagery in the making of this piece! and another year passes... we journey on, eventually to the great unknown!

*hugs, Cat

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