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You are a thorn among roses,
sharp and cutting, hidden from the light
deep in the shadows of raging green.
evil is unknown until discovered cowering
behind smiles of honey, and Death soon
reveals itself in the eyes of the dying

Editing stage: 


love of God exists......
he showed it in too many ways to deny
How can U describe a miracle or two
to those that can only see it or
experience it...To Be Blessed!
when others are shunned the be it!

My friends were beaten and
tortured.....horrors beyond
....I dont forgive those!
met emface to face....
forgiveness is something
Im working on
what people do to children
their own and siblings
and elders is irrefutable
not to mention pets and
truly innocent!
No there is no why
to that one ....other then
true evil!
why I believe there is a place
for those!
I saw it!
Im gnarly like a knotty pine!
my mother was full of thorns
but gave Love too...
father the same...but their
parents were..Umm...faulted
eg..we were poor@ for kicks
we tied each other up and
got beaten and beat each
other with sticks!


is that to excuse hitting your
own kid with a motorized vacum
cleaner over the head when
U found some left over Jello
in the coffee table cupboard?
hand them over to
animals when You bar cruised
ever friday nite?


Im glad I am not a true warrior
more a UN worker with attitude
I met the survivors who are out
here doing great works
who carefully detailed it all to
what do U do with someone
who beats his pregnant young

to ere is human?

I believe that here
good works matter
I die morrow
I saw the caddilacs
just sold off
saw evil people die
peaceful in their
saw the suffering
I worked for both
I still hold doors
give out coin..listen
to people
give smokes
get bitched at
and bitch back!

myjoys are few!

but I get back
decent health
Love of many!
still Love joy of
Being.that Essence
a good friend taught
EVEN in the struggle

but the thorns
and are there?
Oh yes!
those that say they
are Roses

I want to tear off
every happy false
thing about them!

but then I will be
just like them
wont I!

Excellent Poem
your works never
veer from the

solid as U are!

thank u!


Death soon
reveals itself in the eyes of the dying

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