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After the garden

We all strive to find a special place
above all others; a unique space
that rises above the commonality
of the human race and belies mortality;
we storm the heavens in conflagration,
like fallen angels, and curse the inequity
of Creation only to live in constant anguish
not to know what we are not meant to know
for all is beyond our understanding.
our ignorance is our peace
and our salvation.
arrogance  is our Fall

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You had ignited the spark to light the flame of what I was searching for.
As a society we have become lax in embracing such matters of discussion.
It reminds me of Neil Young's song ,"Out on the weekend ".
Where he sings I think I'll pack it in and buy a pick up head out to LA.
Another words he was trying to find his space that you are depicting in your piece.
Really gifted talent you have with free verse intention.
Thank you for the rich opportunity in admiring your piece.

Mario Vitale

our ignorance is our peace
and our salvation.

that's why they always said

Your comment on my
poem awaits your indelible ink

Richard for Joe kindly

for joe by Richard.....thank you bot.

author comment

You've shown your talent for free with this piece. You are right in the idea that we all need a 'special place.' One where we can let our minds just exist without the clutter of day to day life and any issues disappear, if only for a short time.
'Ignorance is our peace...' nicely stated.....although at some point, I fear reality has a way of sneaking in and then we can no longer remain ignorant. Long story short, enjoy the ignorance and the peace for as long as possible.

thanks for sharing.


I find myself often considering the separation between philosophy and poetry. To say "our ignorance is our peace and our salvation" is a very loud line, and is presented as a universal truth. When I am presented a big concept I become Platonic- What do we mean by "salvation?" What is the "inequity" of creation?
Plato had his image of the cave, in which men were bound at birth and chained to see only the shadows projected on the wall in front of them, which was reality. One of them manages to get free to see the real world behind them, a world of color and details not seen in shadows. That is the philosopher. Because I love Blake, to me the imagination is the salvation Part of wisdom is the knowing that all is not knowable and I do not agree that "all is beyond our understanding".
Poetry to me is in some ways that special, unique place.
This work is to me two purely philosophical sentences. You might consider a capital O for "Our ignorance.." as it s a new sentence.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Once in my life, the curtain that separates us from understanding was pulled back and briefly, so very briefly, I was shown what it is we are not meant to know.
I can not easily put into words what I saw or felt, other than besides the sense of peace that came with it, there was also an omniscience which I can't even grasp at now.
Your poem has bought this experience back Joe.

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