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I wander in a world surreal
In circles dreamed and true- life scenes.:
failed wishes, longings to be
the child who still lives in me,
old friends and family all who passed this way,
strange faces that never smile, an old subway train,
all seats taken ; no room for me today.
dream to nightmare in a time line where
there is no Time.

Editing stage: 


got that thousand mile feel to it
i always give people a seat
well mostly...
when im stuck
seats..or i just dont pick the
most dont sit here looking
people and make them
move their packs..ha..
well hello there happy traveller..
when im stuck standing
i weave about...
they get worried
like i might fall on em..
some drivers slam on
the brakes..rough
sharp corners that
used to excite
me on some routes..
sometimes i am
weaving..never know...

surreal part i get well..
part of the ol existance
as it is...

thank \u joe!

mr wolf!

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