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To submit a poem to a contest, first find one that is of interest to you. Once you have found a contest, submit a poem and, before hitting "save", select the relevant contest in the dropdown menu labeled "contest" (contests that are open will start with "Open to new participants" and will be on the top of the list). There's never a cost to enter. There's often a prize, and if you win, you'll be listed as the contest winner forever, and fellow poets will see, in your profile page, what contests you have won.


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the MY POEM contest

Start/end date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2022 to Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Contest description: 

Description:Use your imagination to make anybody reading your poem feel emotional by the meaning, sound and rhythm of what you write. Try to make the language attractive and give it a good beat. It can rhyme but that’s up to you - the writer. You can write about your experiences in life or an idea or emotion. If you want examples of exactly how to do all that look here:
It may not be necessary, but you may like it.

Make the writing into four sets of four lines (or less)
Call it: My Poem
Don’t worry about your name because the submission form will add your name automatically.

Objectives: Write a poem.

Subject matter: Any subject according to the description.

How Judged: According to the description and the about contest information here:

Submissions form is here: https://www.neopoet.com/node/add/poem

Winning entry: 
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