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Description: Any style, any length (but please have a heart as to length as the judge likely has limited time)

Sponsor(s):Scribbler, geezer

Objectives: Giving a peek into author's life and how he/she came to be what they are today

Subject matter: Life's ups and downs

How Judged:

Prose as poetry: the prose-poem

Description: To review the history and philosophy of "prose-poems" related to poetry. After sharing examples of critical opinions and literary criticism, we will share our favorites. In the last part of the workshop we will write a poem and a prose poem with the same basic content to see the value of each.

Moderator(s): Eumolpus

Wed, 12/04/2019 to Sat, 11/21/2020

November contest

Description:Fairly simple: write a sonnet, any type, any subject

Sponsor(s):scribbler, geezer

Objectives:Just to have some fun writing a sonnet

Subject matter:Any subject

How Judged:


Description:The October contest is four quatrains of rhyme
featuring what October means to you. It can be about
Halloween or Autumn weather. For those who are having
Spring or Summer weather or don't celebrate Halloween
you might make it about ghosts or monsters. Good

Sponsor(s):scribbler and geezer

Objectives:just to have some fun writing about the month of falling leaves

Subject matter: What October means to you

How Judged:By anonymous volunteer

Immersing the Reader Via Imagery Part 2

Description:Exploring the effective use of imagery to draw the reader into the poem

Leader: scribbler
Moderator(s): Mark

Objectives:Learning how to "show" instead of "tell"

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:Imagery in immersion

Sun, 09/22/2019 to Thu, 10/31/2019

Immersing the reader via imagery (Let's get started)

Description:We are going to explore the effective use of imagery to draw the reader into the poem.We will use both discussion and exercises to do this.

Leader: scribbler
Moderator(s): Mark

Objectives:Learning how to use imagery to "show" instead of "tell".

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:We will use both member and classic poetry in the shop in order to explore an important use of imagery.

Mon, 09/16/2019 to Thu, 10/31/2019


Description:The Amazon basin is on fire so lets write about climate change

Sponsor(s):scribbler and Geezer

Objectives:The display our thoughts on climate change.

Subject matter: Anything on climate change. Any length, any style

How Judged:by anonymous monthly judge

July Pleasures

Description:Write a poem about your most pleasurable July experience. Form: four quatrains of pentameter (some creative license allowed)

Sponsor(s):scribbler and Geezer
Judge(s):anonymous; judged by relativity to theme, imagery and construction

Objectives: Have fun within a few set limits

Subject matter: One's most pleasurable July experience

How Judged:

Primal Poetry

Making the History of Poetry (part 1) Primal Poetry- Exploring and writing poetry in its primal form.

Leader: weirdelf
Moderator(s): geezer, Paul, Carrie (lonlyhrtsclub13)

Objectives: To attempt to recreate some of the mental conditions under which poetry was invented and write our own modern versions of it.

Level of expertise:  Open to all.

Subject matter: Pre-written word poetry was probably spoken by shamans after drum induced trance.

Mon, 06/17/2019 to Sun, 10/20/2019

Inspired writes (June contest)

Description:Choose a poem which inspires you. Can be by a known writer, a friend or even one of your own. Then write a poem which comes from said inspiration. There are no length limits but try to be kind to judge by not making it Too long lol. Any style, any subject. NOT ENTERING VIA THE CONTEST TAB MAY RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION!. Also please put (June contest) next to title. Place the inspiring poem with author then enter your resulting poem right below so readers can read both on the same page.

Sponsor(s):Geezer, scribbler
Judge(s):anonymous volunteer


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