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I Wish I Was There

I wish that I was there…
There to the Lord in all his glory,
The final sacrifice on the cross
Out on Mount Calvary.

I wish that I was there…
There to witness the blood pour all left
Righteously into the Earth saving us
Out of Jesus himself.

I wish that I was there…
There to hear Mary cry out her heart,
And Simon deny him three times
Out in the courtyard.

I wish I was there too
I wish that I was there…

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A good write, the only thing is that when talking about aspects of religion it restricts the poem to a narrow audience. in that this has been taught to death so most of the words have been used up..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I have abused and lambasted your works relentlessly, often failing to give credit for their poetic values.

However, in all honesty, I am just crudely saying what most people are too polite to.

Proselytising any religion is totally unacceptable. Or at least expect violent reaction.
Yes any religion. You think Christianity is right in such a dogmatic way that it makes all other religions wrong. That's almost ok (smiles) except the truth is all religions are wrong. They divide humanity and promote discord and violence no matter how much they profess "love thy neighbour" or "Allah is peace".

In terms of your poetry, you have a great skill which is being sadly wasted in these cliched protestations of bronze-age spirituality, out-dated, outmoded and provably harmful to society.

with respect,

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You have the poet's eye and ear, certainly! As far as content goes, write what you see fit and da,n the torpedoes! You can't please everyone, and some people you can't please at all, believe me!

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