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Arrogant little freak
Assassin in the undergrowth
Marauder, ravaging my soul

Bandit, betrayer
Hellion, destroyer
Instigator of my ruin

Primordial, sensibility
Driving me insane
Slashing at my psyche
But I’m feisty and prepared
A quarrelsome girl
I’ll fight you tooth and claw
Won’t take your shit, anymore

I’m ornery and battle worn
A fractious little madam
I’ll fight you tooth and nail
Your distorted lies, I will unveil

Simply retarded or...

Simply retarded or…

I long ago stopped believing
in a world of loving people,
I long ago stopped going in
that building with it’s great
big blood drenched steeple.

Who with common sense
could believe in such a thing,
I challenge all who read,
take a look at our world
of cosseted slumbering.

Callow Heart

Once, so many years ago,
in a distant place and clime;
our thoughts and life we shared,
each move, in perfect time.

Words in unison, hearts pulsed,
so intimate, each gesture;
each expression, fears repulsed,
companions of great measure.

Now it seems we're worlds apart;
nothing more in common share.
The last desired thing to start,
to fray bonds beyond repair.

Tomorrow bears no sunrise
with correspondent promise;
about oneself do realise,
quite a monstrous fate remiss.


swift chalice
these singed things
and a night
in its drizzle sheen

you have become
what I have see
and I had fallen

laying broken
on the thorns
of covet

The Other Side Of The Mountain

See the car parks
with their shiny new cars,
next to the sparkling new sports arena
and the smiling children,
excited about the game to be seen.
See the lovely girls
with their perfect faces
near the skyscraper buildings
that pierce the sky.
And how people pay so much
for something to eat,
in the expensive restaurants
always so full.
Look at the beautiful shops
full of wonderful clothes
and the children enjoying life
down at the beach.

A Certain Smile

It was on my regular walk, when I first saw her
with her beautiful red hair, flowing in the breeze.
A lovely young girl, in her teens
always happy to smile at me
and to say hello.
She was much younger then.

Now when I see her, she has the look of a woman
and a young man holds her hand.
I saw them both walking towards me the other day
coming from the woods nearby.
His face a little flushed and her hair still lovely
but rather ruffled.


‎"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." Albert Camus

Walking in your shadow
I had to stay back
Be undermined
Give you slack
Try hard
to be what you needed

your ambivalence wavered
Till the decision came
Suggesting you
had made up your mind

But know this -
There are lovers
for whom longing
is enough...
I am not among them.

BB 25 October, '10


I sit in fear it may come here
this plague advancing much too near
it has advanced without remorse
can nothing keep it from its course ?

For decades it was held in check
my hob-nailed boot upon its neck
but now it seems it's running wild
infecting woman, man, and child

So I sit behind my palace walls
hoping that this contagion stalls
but unlike all of the times past
I fear it may get me at last



What order do you restore
in my tormenting life,
gaining my most trusted love.
Around you discipline
emanates with ease,
contenting carefully.

Your talent turns troubles away
peace unconsciously conveyed,
time will heal you state.
Perfect actions seem to
carry the hour with a worth,
driving home the cut.


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