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Poets first poems workshop

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Secret heart (1973)

Clouds of memories drifting by
Shadows of grief like ravens fly.
My secret heart is calling you
Crying out for a love that's true.

We spoke of love and warm desires
Two lost hearts fused by eternal fires.
Soon all my fears were turned to tears
My secret heart calls through the years.

When sunny days have turned to rain
And all that's left is dark, dull pain
I run from life and wish to die
We'll run together, you and I

Goodbye sweet companion

On the vale of thorn abreast we ambled.
Un-frazzled, to the hawthorn we held.
Though a twinge we felt, the haw we sought and
heyday we dreamed of.
Out of vague future luminous dreams we hewed,
though nadir soared, and hope in the depth of sea
of cruel fate brawled to emerge, but with verve
cocooned in glaring dreams firmly on the part to
heyday by grass of murk overgrown we trod.

You say you’re honest and made of razor-sharp truth.
You take pride in being the real thing, a man with hot blood in his veins.
You claim to be an open book, ready to be yourself
and no one other than your passionate fierce self.

Echo. Ever echoing come
words from the wild wood

drifting, always beckoning
that I should come for good

to the deep and the deepening
dusty silent still

heart, heart of the forest where
the thumping darkness will

find every thought in me
and lay them thick and flat

out on a carpet
of moss and bluebell sat

down, down in the forest,
lost to the mystery

solved and resolved to the silence
ever encircling me.

The First Poem I Ever Wrote

Pass me the cheese for my peas,
Before I get stung on my knees
by bees that carry disease!


i can literally feel letters, words, sentences fighting their way through and across my mind

searching for an outlet, also searching for emotions to define them

do i dare wake the sleeping demons?

do i dare go deeper than this?

do i dare search for these emotions

when i find them - because eventually i will- and i turn them into words, will you think i am crazy?

An Acrostic Poem (first poet's workshop)

Those birds I ponder near my house
Have holes in trees as flitter mouse,
Except they flitter through the day.

Such grating songs they always play,
Part cuckoo screeches calling loud,
All arrogance and preening proud.
Right rudely do they guard the nests-
Rough arguments; effusive pests.
Oh, sparrows are a noisome bunch
When break my fast and spoil my lunch.

And when of wind they might run dry,
Nowhere is there a silent sigh.
Damn chickadees now chide and bitch.

MY LOVE (first poem)

My love is like a clear spring day
whose golden sunbeams go their way
then suddenly explode in dew
to sparkle once again like new

Like spotting a quail upon the ground
her young ones following around
with a tiny chirping sound
this bird not sure just where she's bound.

Or spying a small calf just born
a frolicking this sunny morn
crying out with joyful bleat
while running 'round on tireless feet.

A Bride to Be (My first Poem)

I woke up one day
I thought I'm in dream.
All the people were happy.
Nothing felt or looked the same.

The stunning birds were whistling.
Singing and chanting all around.
Giving the best of melody
Up, the skies echoed the sound.

The stars descended from their milky way,
Like the diamonds, towards earth, found a way.
Flowers and roses nicely bloomed.
They sent their scent away.

“What could be the day”? I wondered
Trying to find someone to say.
Why are women so pretty?
And men so gay?

(first poem) Endless Time

"Endless Time"
Freedom searching where to stay
Love wanting, soon to stray.
Everywhere they put you down
Life unfolding, this I've found.
Tareing, smearing, haunting 'til
Yet far away, it's there so still
Never stopping endless way
Beseeching wind, calling prey.
Yes I see I hear so well
wander far, this go still
Passing running eternity lie
On it goes never die
Persued with anger hiding be
On still chasing just to be free.
Time sonsuming, in my heart I'm there


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