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A Sailor's Farewell

At harbor’s entrance, little maid,
You waited long, but I arrived
From dankness of a seaman’s crypt;
In death my loving thoughts survived;

And here, among the cry of gulls,
Incoming chugging engines’ noise
Now carried on the North Sea’s winds,
You sense my disembodied voice:

To me, your tears are as the pearls
From oysters in this deadly sea;
But yours sprung from two saddened eyes
That at our parting cried for me.

My Nevada

I was twenty-seven year’s old
my spark gone
I couldn’t see anything
lost all hope in love

I was drowning
In my very own
sin city

I remember the day
and hour
my alarm clock died willingly

I felt nothing
I didn’t notice
every day was the same


I pinned myself
to a bill board
on fremont street

Nobody saw me
a million tiny lights
and I still didn’t shine

Lone Birthday Boy Dancing

Yesterday for my birthday,
I started off
with a bottle of wine...
I took the train
into town...
I had half a bitter
at the Café de Piaf
in Waterloo...
I went to work
for a couple of hours or so;
I had a pint after work;
I went for an audition;
after the audition,
I had another pint
and a half;
I had another half,
before meeting my mates,
for my b’day celebrations;
we had a pint together;
we went into
the night club,
where we had champagne


Soul Therapy,
Who makes us smile when we're sad,
Who wipe our tears when we cry,
Who gives to us when we lack,
Who make us when we are not.

Soul therapy,
Who rights our wrongs,
Who take our warriors bullet,
Who never stay behind our guilt,
Who never say Head low, when we try to get High,
Who never say loose, when we try to loose

Soul therapy,
Whose physics are boldness,
Whose skills are pretension,
Whose charity is coldness,
Whose purpose is ambition


The winds howled and the sea screamed in pain
And all over the world it began to rain

The rain wasn't merciful, it just wouldn't stop
And if you weren't careful then you'd get caught

It shook all the houses on our tiny block
It rattled the doors and smashed the clock

Look out the window at all of the world
While houses go under in the waters that swirled

There were lost children riding in boats
And guardian angels in yellow rain coats

A Sonnet for those who lack Love

Sustained in one pure note of heaven’s score
That falls from one composing angel’s hands,
Then finds its way through ether’s grasps to soar,
There lies one essence that a heart demands:
This thing called, “love.” For ev’ry human love
Will rise toward God’s Elysium to plead
A case. Yet, when black ravens fly above,
To such ill fortune’s force love may concede,
But still solicit from the dreaming youth
Desires that likely lead to pain and rue
And battle to attain an absent truth.

The Empty Vessel

I am the empty vessel,
Hiding pain behind a painted smile,
Devoid of sense and purpose,
Feelings forever marked as 'Fragile'

I am the empty vessel
I stand and stare blankly ahead,
What I was, has been fast forgotten,
The lily remains cold and dead.

I am the empty vessel,
Missing a heart and human soul,
Pick and place me where you please,
I am yours to pose and control.

Stir Crazy( critique workshop)

The quiet screams at me
it echoes and surrounds
emptiness within these walls
nothing stirs but I

Images and imagination running rampant
searcing for a place to land and take seed
but there is only one that breathes
with a fertile mind
to plant a seed

How long must this go on?
before the rest of me
is gone
how long,how long

Cowboys’ Scary Night

(a Ballad about Dental Hygiene
Sung to the tune of “Ghost Riders in the Sky).
It was a chilly desert night,
I cooked some pork ‘n bean;
the cowboys chewed tobacco cud,
their teeth were not too clean.

They brushed them only twice a year,
not caring 'bout hygiene—
till from the hilltop came a sound—
the scream of someone mean:

It was the Haunting Dentist Man
who came down from the hills;
in tow he had a hundred men
who hadn’t paid their bills.

SULKEY. Stream


You would be kind to think
that it might be a horse drawn carriage.

Or perhaps, unkind,
thinking of some schoolchild in a corner, nose to the wall
after having been placed there ‘cause of poor behavior.

It would be morose if one thought it was
a lonely, solitary woman, .or man.
who’s candle has burned low,
and is feeling their darkness dripping .covered in a wet blanket.


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