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Flinging Spring...

Flinging water everywhere,
the old and chilling breeze
ruffles the feathers of sparrows,
reminding them of the promise.

Warm inside their cozy nests
huddled lovers making songs
built from memories,
that the world will hear tomorrow.

Sealed with the kiss of Autumn,
dreamt of the winter through,
awaiting the awakening,
it's Springtime's little fling.

Consider the following
dogmatic, enigmatic, fantastic,
idiotic, jargonistic, kimetic, linguistic,
narcissistic, opportunistic,
poetic, quixotic, rhapsodistic,
scholastic, transformistic,
universalistic agglomeration
as an abbreviation
overactive imagination
wrought demonic manifestation


I wanted to know that thing higher,
but clay heavily weighed my hand.

I wanted to know that lightness,
effervescence, where sun sparkles,
and the very air holds in radiance.
I wanted to know those things higher.

But too often have I bumped my head
reaching for the immaterial, it so
impractical, so seeming nothingness.

Now I no longer try; clay is hard enough
to build sky skyscrapers, hard enough
to pierce the clouds, -and beyond.

Fooled Again...

Fooled Again...

Warm breezes dance with icy winds
around and around they go.
Through the trees, wind whipped thin,
hear them sigh and sough.

Flutterbys and hummingbirds
sipping nectar brews,
carry smells and sexiness
just like precious jewels.

May will gather her bouquet,
"Kiss her brow, my favorite sun,
caress her skin with warmth, I say,
she'll love you when you're done."

The fall off part 2

Out on the dusty plains where the sun burns hot and bright,
There rode a man with a heart as dark as the starless night.
He went by the name of Falloff, a legend in these parts,
Known for his quick draw and his deadly aim that broke men's hearts.

In the town of Deadwood, they whispered tales of his past,
Of a love long lost and a betrayal that would forever last.
Falloff rode into town one day, his eyes cold and steely,
Looking for a man who had done him wrong, a man named Billy.


Who has Not spent time in sterile places
where towers soar and traffic crawls
where too many folks wear worried faces
where all that's heard are pigeons' calls?

I go there when I feel I must
and walk the hardened concrete trails
amongst people I would fear to trust.
I've inhaled smog and all that it entails.

Then retreated to my country home
where rabbits play and wild birds sing
until it's time once more for me to roam
to the deep forests to find...something.

As a hypothetical argument
yours truly doth not aim
to be unfortunate recipient
of misguided, misjudged, and mislaid blame,
nevertheless I make dubious claim
and baldly recede (ha – hair ye, here ye)
from heady assertion
to make bold statement
such that literacy supersedes numeracy,
between said measurable

Logical Terrorist

What will you do?
Kill them with a
point of view

Now Mr. honest
labeled a terrorist
What is the weapon
Facts he can’t twist

Oh, take cover
You might not recover
From listening to another

now, to reason
Is a form of treason
Try intelligence.
Mixed with

don’t follow the yes men
Try speaking your mind
Before freedom to speak
Becomes hard to find

America the land of the free
Seems like we forgot
That she was built for everybody

Waiting in line

I am waiting in line
counting the days
carrying in my mind
how precious that is
with memories capturing
at the presence stage
from the hourglass
time is the essence of life
with each breathing moment
is a blessing from each
learning lesson
taking on different tasks
from various rides
A reminder to live
life to the fullest potential
without any second
thought of regret
As if last given chance

The Last Time

I’ve spent my life waiting in line.
Sometimes first, sometimes last,
Sometimes in the middle,
By age or by height, steadfast
I stood, sometimes by school grade
But in all those times past
Someone else set the order.
Down the hall or before the mast,
I was told where to stand.
But this time I’m ready to go past
The others in line. This time, to me
Alone the line to the next phase is cast.
I shall leave the line behind
And step through to eternity vast.


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