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You Can Hear

tonight you can heed to the bat of ill repute
sincerely takes a good campaign you reek a jellow smile,
prefer a baked potato of the Mexico....
you can hear the owl with the mask in vibrant act
sorrow in the days that have gone before us;
waiting..freedom in the tear jack page
awake to act your age

you can hear me as far as the surface toil
of through angel hair pardon the honest claim
to sit outside by tyhe pizza man
shout between the garage will sneak

pardon me..pardon cause to the make believe
shades of grey to help brighten up your day
in peril the good box toil..letting go..sharpen the road England Patriots...
safe an torn a new

Darkened super mighty chance to own the army
below as in a make believe
borrowed through the trees...
help spoken the abyss

below the act to relieve..
bask with a wine from the music
treasured by the onion and mess
pillows fly open trust

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Do you take writing seriously?

This might well be a robot learning to write! If it is, I hope that it does real soon! ~ Geezer.

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is the subject matter here. There is no cohesive thought at all, I reiterate moonmans question


It is much appreciative in the hour of decision
I was just mutually trying to take

Mario Vitale

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