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Table Tock Talk

of grandeur;
sift through the leaves
another girl of seven language
move the space with massive rejoice
lovers lift the Summer's weight

benefit with no regret
onto the marked kitchen store
faith that bleeds
a license to love insurance to hold

move out upon the withered Elms
linger..voiced bitter surprise;
mister without a filter
summoned a beacon fly remorse...

silence to the rescue
on a bitter table tock talk
hold me in my dreams I could believe;
neither death belief

charge with a middle grin smile
as you know for all the great while
believer the shore changed;
as quiet as your soul could be never doubt me

love in queen massive choice
throughout a bitter smile touched a long way before
shelter lay comfort onto its beckoning call;
the smell of vanity wait to letting go

beer belly engaged to stop the flow;
the music of "Sade" are free
all that's a head of me
bring me home put my on a plate to send me out to sea

the door holds under the rest of pure....
combination, my tears of lost of years
never forget send me to slow torture;
build the fire to light the flame bring me home

visions again cause you know me better then that
after you arrive toward what you want
when you are on the outside baby looking in
I will find you as we bring you home....

you think I leave me the side baby;
after the tide pushes the wind quietly out to sea
lovers tend to look inner to help matter
through the years the sullen tears

here we go again counting to the number ten

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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