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Love Set Free

Blood On The Marquee
Savor host
Savior moist
Search within
thoughts of Rin Tin Tin
shallow peaks that stink
fall away from me
the clearance way from me;
within its love set free
shallow road where Chinese man pee
Blood on the marquee
water within the base of the tree
hoping someday my sweet would so kindly marry me
Blood on the marquee
some folks live in the land of make believe
source through shallow peaks
busy as a bee
come with source to marry me
unlock the key

Blood on the marquee
shallow pool with dreams;
base the pool filled with leaves;
chase back the hill one be willing to believe
blood on the marquee
see through the hills will follow me
lest, you never achieve
lobster with soda strange as getting to know you
words that clash
figure of speech
satin sheets
blood on the marquee
foreign lead
apple pie with ice cream
amuse the cat with sleeve

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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