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The day I met……………………………THE YETI

The day I met the Yeti,
I was with my Auntie Betty.
We were sailing paper boats at Newton shore.
Now the Yeti wasn’t pretty,
But then neither was Aunt Betty,
When she smiled at him, the Yeti thought he’d scored!

Their first date was at the Gaiety,
In the back row they got matey,
Then the Yeti growled to Betty, “I luff you”.
There was romance in the air,
There were fleas in Yeti’s hair.
Auntie Betty had to buy strong dog shampoo.

He said his name was Munch,
And he liked a chocolate crunch,
But he had no job so Betty had to pay.
Auntie Betty told poor Munch
That his last free meal was lunch.
Then he had to pack his things and go away

I followed Munch’s trail,
Went through Scotland, England, Wales
Stowed aboard a merchant ship bound for Peru.
But when pirates tried to stop us
Munch punched pirate’s epiglottis.
Then we ran and ended up in Timbuktu.

To the east of Timbuktu
Is a cave where Yetis brew
A very strange aperitif called ginger slops
When I tried to buy a can
The Yeti brewer said, “Young man,
You’ll have to show your ID at the shop.”

After drinking half a can,
In my head there formed a plan
I could sell the cans of slops from door to door.
In New York we’d start anew,
Munch could paddle slops canoe…………….
He got lost, we landed back on Newton shore!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Editing stage: 


with a sense of foreboding feeling to it. I kept wondering when Betty would become Munch's next lunch. As such I felt it lacked a bit of punch.

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Thanks, Jess, Your crit, as usual, was bang on. The only complaint I would have is the speeded-up ending rather than the detailed dismemberment of my mum's sister.
Thanks, mate
PS I was so proud of "Munch punched his epiglottis"


author comment

Excellent, love it. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

very creative. Thanks for sharing.


I enjoy the story much.

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