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Now! Best of order, shipmates, just keep quiet and listen well
And I’ll tell thee all the story of a ship and a golden bell.
This ship was feared across the seas from Antigua to Cadiz
Me uncle, Black Bill Bonecrusher, was captain; ship was his.

I read his log book, as a lad, when he would come to stay,
Bill told me of his escapades, when galleons were his prey.
At that he felt an icy chill and looked all round, in fear
And then said “Lad, this story, true, is only for your ears………….

We were sailing off Haiti when the old volcano woke,
It threw burning lava in the air and sulphur, mud and smoke
In this hellish conflagration, I sailed slowly to the bay
Where I knew prevailing winds would keep the smoke and flame away

The rum was passed around the crew, each man a generous tot
We drank to all our battles won, good cannon, shell and shot
The air around Haiti had even lost its sulphurous smell,
When from the bubbling water came the sound of galleon bell.

The treasure ship,” Francesca,” had been lost to a great wave
Ten years before, Tsunami, took her down, left none to save.
A fisherman who sailed across the bay that evening tide
Next day was found upon the rocks, neck twisted till he died.

The pirates knew, from spies, of tons of silver and of gems.
The gold and emeralds in its hold were calling to the men
But I knew that the galleon, sailing for her Spanish home
Carried a huge bell, made of gold, a priceless gift to Rome

The golden bell was cast in South America, for Spain
A thousand prayers were said to keep it safe across the main
The “Francesca” now rested on a shallow, sandy floor,
Moved by volcanic action, scraping coral-covered door

The bell was heard on board the ship, the well-named “Blood and Death”
It seemed to be behind the door, as if trying to draw breath
The treasure lay all scattered where the bay‘s floor rippling stopped
And louder still the bell clanged out and more as if ‘twere dropped.

I knew the rumours well regarding evil Davey Jones
But never had believed them, not Black Billy Bones!
I had a chance to rid the Caribbean of this freak,
This monster causing mayhem to the bold and to the meek.

With hardly half a dozen men I raised the anchor chain.
Set the mizzen, brought her round, allowing cannon to be aimed.
The broadside roared out at the coral reef, it was destroyed
The door to Davey Jones’ was blown apart, he was annoyed!

The bell stopped ringing, silence fell, but soon my pirates saw
From blasted doorway, slithering with ragged tooth and claw,
The hellish crew of Davey Jones, sent out to do his will.
Even midday Caribbean sun could not keep out the chill.

I saw this spawn of demons and such creatures reared in hell
Knew there was no hope fighting, so with two good men set sail
The ship could not outrun the hellish creatures it had freed
And so we took the lifeboat and crammed more sail on for speed.

I thought we had escaped him, I really, really did
If I had been a gambling man I’d wager my last Quid.
Then the horror as our boat ground to a halt upon the sea…….
That sounded like your mother – it must be time for tea!

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Structured: Western
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Great poem great yarn, only stumbled a couple of times but that could be me. I shall read again and see if i can offer more. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

Thanks Roscoe. As usual, your comments are appreciated and most welcome.



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