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what are we but a part of thee

we are a great family
till our sojourn on this earth
no one is ever attached to anyone
for ever after birth

we all move on..

all my best teachers were unmarried
yet we found the warmth in them
that has till today
I proclaim
made me worth a living soul
till I remain

after that who knows?

you are one such person
for whom I have regards high
and find the sky not high enough …

regards if I may say
I’m always your well wisher
if that you permit me my way,
hence you are a truer relative
I have none...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


And why are you alone in this big family?
Well expressed

you too are part of a wordly family

indirectly we all are
as we share every thing
from our genes admixtures maybe,...
part of this planet too ...
irrespective of frenchy
where ever may be you...


author comment

It is a dream that man can agree.
It is an after thought that he will be
Then and only then will he see
That to live here is a part of eternity

You stay here and you learn
Without this place and sojourn
We would be empty entities
Never felt or had these needs

Stretch your mind to purchase so
Brownie points in this life we know
That you should learn of many things
To let your Spirit soar on golden wings

That we pass from here one at a time
In our own way we shall surely find
A level that our ways will send us to
I hope that you have a love of all

To see you through..

It is not Sunday he cried, my soap box I must hide,
or feel the wrath of man fall on my head
If I was in other lands, they would stone me dead
And in ancient times that I knew well a fire for me

Then for the wife a drowning stool if only we could fool
Them into being good, the love for ever, has surely stood
I take you young Bard to other places, that are very high
I shall await your journey as a shadow in the sky

You have not the faith of a new born child, you are wild
With thoughts that make many of us frown, I wait for you
One day should courage be needed for the ferry man's fee
I shall seek you out and make you realise you are free..

These words that are written so
Are for you to edit and make your own
I will wait a day or so to see if you can do
Then I will seek you out and help you

Just me playing with words as they fall off the keyboard, in the morning I will remember and edit all the words, so that you are bothered not, about all these things I have told you not, Yours, " Sparrow flying free" or is this written by Ian.T He He

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

tell me why anyone

Why do I still dream
of that summer eve
the music
the sound
the softness in the breeze,
those eyes still stare at me
should I feel so happy?

time has flown,
nay I say
it has been made into a bail
compressed in the tunnels of time
sleek, tight and replete \
of all nuances of life

I still fantasize
alas she was
the heart throbbing of my life
twas a long time
since a fantasy has pervaded within
how can one ever overcome?
an everlasting memory
wow, some summer twas of 1960


author comment

This is wistful I come from a large family but feel myself to be alone in some respects we all travel through life connecting and disconnecting from people and in the end we each have to carry our burdens alone, in poetry we come together and we connect as only poets can on a whole other level ... nicely done my friend

I dont know who you write of but they are lucky to have a friend such as you

love JC xxx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

I started life
with a large family strewn all over,
about 200
each so individualistically individual ,
it made me marvel..

Thus I undertook the study of the human mind...
some were very rich
many very, very, very poor
but it made no difference to me
(even though then I was very okay…
yeah rich,)
as they all did to me endear.

Now I am left with a handful
I can count on finger tips
third generations’ kids,
whose inners I did change
when they were young

today they are seemingly rich
they say you who.....
as tables turned
I became poor..
not rich, no more…

the poetic world I dwell with
seemingly happy,
anony too,
am happy with friends like you…


author comment
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