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Voicemail from the grave

Hello, Mom and Dad?
I just wanted to say some stuff
I never could say when I was alive
I miss those late-night movies
and the way you'd brush my hair
I miss those morning coffees
and the knowing that you're there
I miss your soft warm hugs
and the scent of clothes you wear
I miss those homemade dinners
and the way you used to swear
I miss holding your hands
and your kind and loving stare
I never showed I loved you
I never seemed to care
I should have told you way back then
now I'm all alone and scared
So I'll tell you how I feel right now
I always loved and cared
I loved those late-night movies
I loved when you brushed my hair
I loved those morning coffees
and loved knowing you were there
I loved your soft warm hugs
I loved the clothes you wear
I loved those homemade dinners
and I loved it when you swear
I loved holding your hands
I loved your kind and loving stare
I loved you then like I love you now
I'll love you anywhere
So remember this even though I'm dead
Remember that I care

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Why do the bereaved want to talk to the dead? Many people want to be reassured about loved ones who die. People claim to have talked to the dead in their dreams. Others prefer a more one-on-one approach. Sometimes the dead want to contact you. It's called an after-death communication.

Very torching verse; emotionally felt!

"Time will crush on us if we don't utilize it. Just remember, you're an element of time".


This poem is supposed to be about basically what you said. Its everything I know I'm going to want to tell my parents after I die. Its kind of like a suicide letter (I'm not killing myself) but in the way that I don't know when I'm going to die.


author comment

I think your poem is very sweet and your intentions and motivation are pure. you wrote this with love, and it shows!

*hugs, Cat

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