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Again the rainbow dances across the sky

Singing farewell to the old

Welcoming the new.

Colors of creation

Layers of emotion

Now they leap

Dancing until they die.

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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But didn't like new followed by new ,, dance followed by dance unless this was a theme of the poem and I missed it. Lovely idea of rainbow dancing across the sky

Though Not much of a poet or a writer but it pleases me that these poems I muster up when i'm in the mood are appealing to readers like yourselves.

"A light complexion, graceful carriage, and a bewitching smile- those constitute a woman's true worth"

author comment

I notice that you say you are not so good at writing, but then on the other hand you put only 4 poems on since 2011.
This site will give you all the help you need there are people here that are the tops in poetic formats and are willing to help with your work.
So can we have a few more writes from you and then we can see where to go from there, also join the odd workshop we offer it is fun and no one not even me gets a bad report lol.
Take care out there, I have learned a little more Geography today..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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