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Unimaginable Suffering

Unimaginable suffering
Felt by the crew and passengers
Of Boeing 777....

So much trauma, tragedy
Planes falling from the sky
Bombs bursting everywhere ....

Tears on faces
Blushing tracks still mourning
Fatality of loved ones ....

Terrorism, tragic events,
Natural disasters
Takes a toll on individuals ..,.

Living in these last days
Critical, hard to deal with
2 Timothy 3:1-4 ....

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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that subscribe to last days help promote last days, through despair and the false promise of a better after-life.

Things may look grim but there is always, love, beauty and a reason to fight the forces of death and oppression, even though it may not seem so in our own personal lives.

I gather you are going through a long, dark night of the psyche, but that is no reason to believe it is universal and inevitable.

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I don't believe in the after life. But I do believe we live in the last days that keeps keep getting worse. This world offers no hope for people. Man has dominated man to his injury. Mainstream religion is corrupt, but its man not religion that's causing all the suffering, even if its done in the name of religion. Man has no love or empathy for his fellowman. For example, how can anyone say they shouldn't have to pay into insurance plan that helps the sick, disabled, elderly, that cause their ungrateful birth. It's a mental disease to think that way.

There is a better life, better governments, where all people is cared for not just the rich and healthy who can afford to pay in, but bc of self preservation thinks its unfair and non beneficial to them to care for the ones who fight to make a place for them in this world.

My personal life is not as bad as some who are worse off than me. Suffering is universal and inevitable as people become wicked as ever.

I am going through stuff like everybody.

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