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The Stalker

She created a shrine
she whispered "he's mine"
she smiled and dreamed of their future life
she decided she would be his wife
she followed him day and night -
if spotted she was always polite
she never thought of wrong or right
she never felt the need to be contrite
she never did it out of spite
she just fell in love at first sight
thats the stalkers plight

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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I liked the verbs...the action. Except line 6...if you kept it from the 'She' perspective...'she was spotted often but always polite'...or some keep your rhyme.

'Betty' aka Ellie :)

Oh yeah c what u mean thanks so much u are kind glad u enjoyed x

author comment

a fun poem, the remorsless rhyming of the 'ite' sound is compelling and plays nicely against the satire, I would punctuate it, helps the reader ( you never know a 'best man' might use this in a wedding speech) ha ha

Hi ross lol best man speech I'm newly married I could have given it 2 him glad u enjoyed all the best x

author comment
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