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A Special Renga Love and Sunset

Red glaucoma eyes
dry itchy blurred cornea
seize a sunset drop
maybe from a glass of wine
too many too see clear

Tears blur the vision
are these tears for the sunset
or are they for you
beautiful as it maybe
the tears are for both of us

My love remember
it was me that held your heart
draining the life blood
weak in the knees, falling short
of the balance between us

I should have let go
crying I remained a fool
in love with your mind
your tears like rain pooled my heart
draws you near to me

I shall search the world
for a new love to me true
then forget the you
my finger of craves reaches
embrace you like a magnet

In sunsets I read
a promise of tomorrows
brighter and warmer
In darkness I shed memoirs
like sequins on my bosom

I shall await you
as those sun beams caress us
so we shall be joined
there will be no rent in time
we will be always as one

Co Writers
Ian T
Barbara Writes

Editing stage: 


I shall await you
As those sun beams caress us
So we shall be joined

There will be no rent in time
We will be, always as one.

Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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