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The sea rages on

Too many bad decisions
Makes life a cold place to live
People don't take excuses
When you should know better

Losing your job
Living in shelters
Calling home for a few bucks
To keep moving ain't bad

Just hope you would
Respond to the consequences
Of your actions while
it's still a good thought In your head

And we won't be back
At square one with you
Every time the sunrise and set
In the midst of a stormy night

Peter walked on the water
His faith was strong and sufficient
The lesson here is to follow your
Faith through the end of the storm.

Don't just stop and look around
At the things and people
That'll bring you down
And question you faith

Like Peter, you will lose your faith
With out knowing it
Then it'll be too late to get it back
Because you'll have sinked to the bottom of despair.

Be like Peter accept
Jesus hand and he'll pull
You back in from the waters
Of the raging sea.

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I think I know why you want get many comments on this. But I wanted to say I was here. For me it reads more as prose with breaks, but I like the amount of faith you've and that is enough to motivate many.
Never give up, is the message that came obvious across. Some internal rhymes might be good to change it more to prosody.
Be well dear.
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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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I get the feeling this is a poem written from your heart. So the only thing I'll suggest is that you check for a few grammar errors. .........stan

yea sometimes my writing just come from the heart. Ill check the errors. Tired too tired but I'll try be here more thanks for reading.

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