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The Return of the King of the Gnomes

You may very well remember
a tale I've been known to share,
about the King of all the Gnomes, gnamed Fred;

he's finally gnow home
from his instant, "time share",
in a "gated community", where he felt, decidedly "dead".

Highly unfortunate
Fred's terrible bad luck,
it had such a twisted, ironic "vibe";

he paid his toll, alright
and was spirited, away
for giving a man in uniform a "bribe"!

Fred has since paroled
and he's secured a job,
as he stands still on my front lawn to wait;

he also took a course
in what really interests him,
now, Fred's lisenced in Real Estate!

His fame from
has finally run it's course;

he then lost everything
he's saved
to his wife, in their divorce!

But Fred with all
his patient ways,
has certainly weathered every storm;

Fred chooses to lead
by actions, and examples
he's a gnome singled out from the "gnorm".

King Gnome Fred
has several aspirations,
besides, forever getting off, parole;

he'd like to eventally be
an Elvis impersonator,
after that, he'd like to learn to bowl.

Quick, is Fred
to master tasks
he seems to get into a "groove";

what hinders Fred
and every other gome,
is the rule that they can't move.

Folks like me
and folks like you,
aren't really privy to their "way";

for, with "magic"
gnomes can fool you,
'til your senses, they betray.

Fred gnow works part-time
as a city caution cone
he's got a brand new, bright orange, hat;

he is a fearless King
gknown to stand his ground,
the only thing that scares him is tabby cat!

Now, come what may
each gnome assists,
completing their only chore;

which is to spred
the morning dew,
that's what they're all waiting for.

So, ever time
you think you saw,
a gnome move out on the lawn;

before your mind
can even register,
your memory's "magically" gone!

these lawn-centurions
are not allowed to let us see;

exactly how
their "magic" way,
helps them work, effortlessly.

Another thing
gnomes make time for,
when not loitering by trees of birch;

is to get on-line
and "twitter" friends,
or start an internet-google search.

What gnomes can do
in a fraction, "quick",
is suspend the laws of time;

too bad Fred
forgot that fact,
when they cuffed him for his crime.

The Gnome King Fred's
gnewest hobby is,
deftly macromaying gnots;

then fashionong them
to hold hanging, flower pots.

Fred's eligible
for an early release,
and then, Fred will be "free";

allowed to vote
maybe even run,
if he was feeling, "Presidentially".

For now, King Fred
must walk the walk,
he's the Gnome King, ward of the state;

he has a chance
his record's clean,
Fred's really doing, GREAT!

His profile is
on the, "big down low",
he's keeping his gnose, "clean";

the Gnome King Fred
gnow understands
gnot to offer any cop, "green"!

Trust, and believe
Fred's still in charge,
ruling gnomes from everywhere;

it's pain to see
he sees everything,
with eyes hidden by a vacant stare.

Time has a way
of softening blows,
'til the memory's all but gone;

so, Gnome King Fred
stands short, but proud,
in his place, by the tree, on my lawn!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Last few words: 
This one is dedicated to my poet friend, Sir Oliver.....of the clan of the Hooded Stranger. docmaverick.
Editing stage: 

Comments last count, there are two other Gnome King Fred poems that have stirred a breeze, or two with both young, and old...alike. The last one landed him in prison, so I was greatly obliged in releasing him....and starting his life, again.
Check out the two others, if you would.....then, tell me what you think. I'm afraid I must agree with you about the length....however, it was easier to read in this format.
Thanx, again.....for the comment! It was sooo "swift", concise, and very GREATLY appreciated.

Neopoet is "newtriffic" !
...from the heart, or a reasonable faxcimile;
david a. goodwin #{:>{)} @==

author comment

...he'sthe ORIGINAL gangster, you could say, he's an "O.G.-G"!
I love your life,

Neopoet is "newtriffic" !
...from the heart, or a reasonable faxcimile;
david a. goodwin #{:>{)} @==

author comment

made me smile
i really like the way you have used the 'g' as in 'gnome' with the other words
''gnamed', 'gnot', 'gnow'..... especially 'gnose; - very clever.....

i believe one of the favourite past-times of those in the navy is to kidnap gnomes, take them on a world tour when they go on manouvres and send postcards home... then just dropping them back when they return to port.... so do be careful that fred is in a safe place on your front lawn won't you....
love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

...thanx. Not to worry, ol' Fred is in a good plce, now. You should check out the first two poems of his "existence" to fully undersand some of the other comments!
Thanx, once again for reading, and commenting.

Neopoet is "newtriffic" !
...from the heart, or a reasonable faxcimile;
david a. goodwin #{:>{)} @==

author comment

I really enjoyed your story. I read it twice. Your story got my attention. A very well written story.


...I read your comment, twice.....too!
sincerely, thanx;

Neopoet is "newtriffic" !
...from the heart, or a reasonable faxcimile;
david a. goodwin #{:>{)} @==

author comment


you'll have to wait a week before Sir Oliver is able to give you the usual harsh critique. In his absence, I know he'll love the story and rhyme.



(Oliver's critique to follow)

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With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me. Sir Olivers' remarks. I just HAD to write this, and get Freeze Frame Fred out of the mess he was in!
I hope he will approve of my attempt. Let me know, I hurriedly got this in for the weekend...(not knowing which one is "yours")..just in case he'd be there. I thought it'd be a nice "surprise".
Later, my friend;

Neopoet is "newtriffic" !
...from the heart, or a reasonable faxcimile;
david a. goodwin #{:>{)} @==

author comment
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