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Alone I entered the room.
Something wasn’t right.
The patio door was open.
There he was, hiding in the corner.
That was the last straw.
He’d been bothering me
and my family all week.
We were all afraid of him.

As I cautiously approached him
he went for me. Trying to evade
him I fell and cut my head
on the edge of the radiator.

Finally I managed to get the better
of him, striking him hard with
my right hand. Then I angrily
launched into him.
Didn’t know I had it in me.
After a few moments
It was all over.
he was gone. I had killed him!

I managed to get him off the floor
and carried him outside,
dumping him behind the trees
at the bottom of the garden.

I was pleased to be rid of him
before the family came back home.
Later I stood looking down the garden
through the kitchen window
to where he was. I felt a bit guilty
but was somehow relieved.
I had always hated Wasps!
At least that’s one less to bother us.

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well fought! I would rather fight a bee anytime, because they can only sting once. Wasps can sting multiple times and it hurts as much as the first time. I was surprised to see you writing of a battle to kill. I enjoyed the twist at the end. I am impressed with your story-telling skill and think that you should do more of it. Nice job. ~ Geezer.

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thanks again for the encouragement Geezer.

author comment

LOL I saw where this was going almost immediately enjoyed reading this work

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Thank you! Tim

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It could have been politician lol

Thanks Scribbler!

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