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A Day In The Life Of Jacob.

A Day In The Life Of Jacob

Even though it rises every day
somewhere, someplace in time.
On a day in the life of Jacob
the sun doesn’t often shine.

A shopping centre is bright and loud
and Jacob is sitting on the ground.
With his head buried in his hands
sensory overload of sight and sound.

People notice as he begins to shout
his Mother scared he’ll run away.
Some think he’s badly behaved
but for him it’s just an Autism day.

Later he escapes to his room
stressed and needing time alone.
A meltdown at dinner hasn’t helped
but he’s calmer now, on his own.

Playing at length on his old guitar
takes his mind to another place.
Where the demons in his head
for a while are not in his face.

Eventually he takes to his bed
and will rise, as soon as it’s light.
Probably won’t have much to eat
appetite dulled by a restless night.

People around him struggle to help
he tries to cope in his own way.
On a day in the life of Jacob
it’s always an Autism day.

But he deserves a chance in life
and we must strive to find a way.
For children like him, with future fears
to be able to seize the day.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
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A poem about children who struggle with Autism/ Aspergers, something close to my heart and in my own family.

author comment

A poem about children who struggle with Autism/ Aspergers, something close to my heart and in my own family.

author comment

very, very good. Your rhyme and meter are pretty good and the message is clear. They need to have stability and help from all sides. Nice work! ~ Geezer.

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Thanks for the encouragement Geezer. It's been a while, my pen ran out of ink! (bit of writers block) Tim

author comment

Thank you for this. My son has autism and this is like reading about him. Made me tear up. you depicted sensory overload and delayed reaction brilliantly. Most people just lack understanding sadly and are no help when we are faced with their struggles in social settings. A great piece that you kept a good rhythm throughout whilst still managing to educate the reader.

Thank you for sharing

I am very flattered by your comments and the reassurance that I'd managed to get the message across.
I hope your son is able to grow into someone who can build a future for himself.
And make sure you get and accept all the help and support you can for both of you.

Best wishes


author comment

Same here, I have a nephew with Autism. You've managed to convey meaning with excellent rhymes, no mean feat. Fortunately, my brother raised his son very well, tho' there was not much info about Asperger's in those days. The boy also stuttered and was pretty wild. But he's intelligent and worked for the RAF as a ground mechanic for many years. Recently, aged 49, he finally got married.
You've depicted the social problems very well. Thanks for sharing this important issue with such deftly written lines.

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

Thanks for commenting Gracy
Great to hear your nephew has now married and made a life for himself.
One of my Grandaughters has Aspergers and at 17 is still finding things very difficult.
As are her Mum and Dad, but they and we all do our best to support her,
best regards,

author comment
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