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R a n d o m . . . M a s q u e

carousel wickedness
silk maruader

beneath the night
the bare light burns
achieving endless
grim nirvana

knuckles heat against
the threads
the Borne realm stitching
broken bone elocutions
wound like spiral helix

keeps of destinations

the dusk of riders
terse with dust

violet and frenzied

arrival at all deceptions
a great crush of Love
drug laced and

sharp as a pang

sure as a fang

Editing stage: 


grim nirvana
a welcome suitor

stunning stellar
a bow to the master

Just thought of Roy Orbison..a disco ball and some hall in Mukokeelands
we live in our strange towns...township of North Bay I call this...odds bodkins

had a voice that was just like Marlon Brandos the other day with this bad cold
that has been hanging around like Saturday Nites skit that my female friend
of a friend loved.."Bad Idea" Im improving slowly....but aged

love the Jim Pam Paris....indeed!!!!!!!!

Thanks Ida!

author comment

Just a couple of tweaks:
Did you really mean [violet] or violent?
You wound these words around each other in such a fashion that I couldn't imagine them any other way!
~ Gee

There is value to commenting and critique, tell us how you feel about our work.
This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

Violet....instead of violent...
that time of night...when light still reveals the feilds
the alleys...the carnage and the carnys..not yet night
not yet the carousel..not yet..

wound wound..yes my friend Geezer
words are a work and wonderful!

Thank You Sir!

author comment

"arrival at all deceptions
a great crush of Love
drug laced and

sums up the night i had last night
better then i could put into words

Im happy that you can read this and appreciate
it!! Indeed...I awake and creak to life
throw on my Nick Cave attire and black leather shoes
run a ragged brush through the mess and grim at my
face in the mirror....toss on the leather with pockets full
of god knows what and stand waiting for my ride on Lakeshore
noting the looks from drivers driving by..
"Drive on driver it dont mean no mind"

Thank You Klo for living!!

author comment
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