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Pumpkin pie

There's really nothing better
than a fresh pie
cooling on the counter
just sitting there - almost ready to eat

And after you get done
whipping the cream
with a little sugar
not too much - just enough
it's perfect to top it all off

A perfectly browned homemade crust
flour,butter and a pinch of salt
rolled out and crimped around the rim
It's just a major accomplishment
that makes the day a lot better

The squash and spice and eggs
blended all together - baked for 35 minutes
and sitting there cooling
not too much
the first slice is perfect
and the last slice is just as good

Editing stage: 


Jeeze, that description has made me salivate!

I want a slice of nice homemade pie NOW!

There is satisfaction to be had even in what may appear to others to be the most mundane of tasks... you obviously enjoy the entire experience and the memory of it!

Very nicely told.

(Poetry is food for thought... this one sure made me hungry!)


I'd rather have cherry or apple pie, so I just rearranged the ingredients, Edevoid. Hope you don't mind.


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