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What happened ?

Please tell me the story
if you care to dredge up
the memories

Of course it's up to you
and if you don't want to
that's ok - either way

I don't know why
I have to be the one
who's flexible and deferential
but that seems to be
the way it is

You can chose to
remain reticent and

Maybe one day you'll feel
the need to unburden
and unload

I can't guarantee that I'll have
any usefull advice
It's usually my policy
to not give advice
I can however promise
that I'll listen

Editing stage: 


Thanks for your comments..... I'm glad you liked it....... Mark


author comment

in my experience most people want a listener and not advice anyway. Need to check the typo in line 10 ......scribbler

Good point.... If someone really feels they need advice, they should pay an expert - (and maybe get their moneys worth????)
A good listener will help you figure things out for yourself..... (does that make sense)
Thanks for pointing out my typo - i changed a few things around also.


author comment
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