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less is more

It got me thinking
make more out of less

like a good omelet
eggs, bacon, cheese
thats all

I bought a cheesecake
the other day
and I have eaten
most of it
no fruit compote
or sauce at all
it's delicious

then there's
my favorite sport
a simple game
offensive plan
put the puck in their net
defenseive plan
keep the puck out
of our net

alot of the best games
are 3 to 2, or 1-0
closeout the opponent
thats the best win

I could go on and on
but less is more

Editing stage: 


It is obvious that a prior comment of mine ( meant as a compliment ) has offended you. this was not my intent..............scribbler

Dear Scribbler, it just got me to thinking........ I appreciate your comments very much, Thanks - I'm just trying to get back to 50% more or less after a bad fall, a bad concussion, and the post concussive syndrome that seems to go on and on......... I wish I could come up with some better writing - my neuropsych doc recomended that I write, so .......

Thanks, Mark


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